Brian O’Lea

Old Pals

Muddy Water Blues

Gambling Man

Blind Johnny

The Sunny Side of Life

Long Black Veil

What You See is What You Get

Absent Friends   

Crying Time

Walking the Blues Away

Birmingham Jail

Some Days are Diamonds

The Journey

When the Roses Bloom Again


BoL 2011 Muddy Water Blues.mp3



Northumberland Skies SeaThatTumbling Down

Puppy Walking

Son of a Gun

We're Not Right (Remix)

What Makes Music ?

Dig Me out of this Hole

The First Bullet

Don't Turn Out the Light Yet

The Mirror

Only You

Northumberland Skies

The End of the Line

The End of the Line

Not Wanted

Not Wanted Brian

In the Bleak Midwinter

In the Bleak Midwinter

The Parting Glass

The Parting Glass

Old Pals

Old Pals

Western Ballads

Western Ballads BoL 2011 Gambling Man.mp3 BoL 2011 Blind Johnny.mp3 BoL 2011 The Sunny Side of Life.mp3 BoL 2011 Long Black Veil.mp3 BoL 2011 What You See.mp3 BoL 2011 Absent Friends Brian.mp3 BoL 2011 Crying Time.mp3 BoL 2011 Walking the Blues Away.mp3 BoL 2011 Birmingham Jail.mp3 BoL 2011 Some Days are Diamonds.mp3 BoL 2011 The Journey.mp3 BoL 2011 When the Roses.mp3