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2 See it Through These Eyes

3 King Herod

1 Santa's Christmas Eve

2 Santa's Christmas Day

3 Santa's Boxing Day   


Love Came Down at Christmas (Rosetti/Morris)

A Nearer Star (Jones/Morris)

Merry Christmas All (Morris)

Donkey, Donkey (Morris)

On the Way to Bethlehem (Morris)

The Dream of a Christmas Song (Gould/Morris)

Oh Why is Herod so Angry ? (Morris)

Cradle Song (Morris)

So Lonely (Morris)

Love Came Down at Christmas

Wayne Morris

Three Folk Carols (Jones/Morris)

Santa’s Christmas (Morris)

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Love Came Down at Christmas

Love Came Down at Christmas

Spancil Hill

Puppy Walking

Son of a Gun

We're Not Right (Remix)

What Makes Music ?

Dig Me out of this Hole

The First Bullet

Don't Turn Out the Light Yet

The Mirror

Only You

Spancil Hill

The Nine Standards

The Nine Standards

The Rock God Speaks

The Rock God Speaks

An Arrangement With

An Arrangement with..... See it through these eyes punched.mp3 King Herod Punched.mp3 Santas Christmas Eve Punched.mp3 Santas Christmas Day Punched.mp3 Santas Boxing Day Punched.mp3 Love came down at Christmas.mp3 A Nearer Star.mp3 Merry Christmas All.mp3 Donkey.mp3 On the way to Bethlehem.mp3 The Dream.mp3 Oh Why is Herod so Angry Punch.mp3 Cradle Song.mp3 So Lonely.mp3