Wayne Morris

An Arrangement With

Three Genes

Hello Again

We're Not Right

How Can I Keep from Singing  

The Snowman

The Taker


Dig Me Out of this Hole


Better than a Dream

God Only Knows

The Scientist

There is One World

Let's Take the Long Way

I Feel Like Going Home

The Water is Wide/The Skye Boat Song

BAW a Three Jeans.mp3 BAW b WM Hello Again.mp3 BAW c We're Not Right.mp3 Baw d How Can I Keep from Singing.mp3 BAW e Snowman.mp3 BAW f1 WM Taker.mp3 BAW f2 Nightschool.mp3 BAW g WM Dig Me Out of this Hole.mp3 BAW h Songbird.mp3 BAW i WM Better than a Dream.mp3 BAW j WM God Only Knows.mp3 BAW k1 WMScientist.mp3 BAW k2 WM There is One World.mp3 BAW l WMLet's Take the Long Way.mp3 BAW m WM Feel Like Going Home.mp3 BAW n WMWaly.mp3

Love Came Down at Christmas

Spancil Hill

Puppy Walking

Son of a Gun

We're Not Right (Remix)

What Makes Music ?

Dig Me out of this Hole

The First Bullet

Don't Turn Out the Light Yet

The Mirror

Only You

The Rock God Speaks

An Arrangement With

MLCDatXmas MRockGod MSpancilHill

The Nine Standards

MNineStandards MAnArrWith