Julie Matthews

The Gaffer’s Maid

God’s Command

The Nightingale

The Portlander

An Old Man Came A’Courtin Me

The Quiddle Song

The Rosebud in June

The Chariot Song

The Space Ship

Brian’s Fishing Song

Grace Darling

The Midland Soldier

The Female Drummer

My Baby has gone down the Plughole

The Leaving Shanty

Gods Command.mp3 The Nightingale.mp3 The Portlander.mp3 An Old Man Came.mp3 The Quiddle Song.mp3 The Rosebud in June.mp3 Chariot.mp3 The Spaceship.mp3 The Fishing Song.mp3 Grace Darling.mp3 The Midland Soldier.mp3 The Female Drummer.mp3 Baby Plughole.mp3 The Leaving Shanty.mp3

God’s Command, The Nightingale, The Portlander, An Old Man Came a’courtin Me, The Quiddle Song, The Rosebud in June, The Chariot Song, he Space Ship, Brian’s Fishing Song, Grace Darling, The Midland Soldier, The Femaile Drummer, My Baby has Gone Down the Plughole, The Leaving Shanty