Wayne Morris

The Rock God Speaks

AA4 (Morris)

Ellen May's Lullaby (Jones/Morris)

Route 66 (Troop)

Somnambulistic Ian (Morris)

I Miss You (Jones/Morris)

Happiness is a Hot Birch, John (Morris)

Songbird (McVie)

Light my Fire (The Doors)

By Your Side (Brown/Morris)

Say it Isn't So (Jones/Morris)

You do Something to Me (Wellar)

Fields of Gold (Sting)

Fintro (Morris)

Ye Spotted Snakes (Shakespeare/Morris)

The Rock God Speaks (Morris)

If We Shadows Have Offended (Shakespeare/Morris)


AA4 rem.mp3 Ellen Mays Lullaby.mp3 Route 66 Mix 2.mp3 Somnambulistic Ian rem.mp3 I Miss You.mp3 Happy Is rem.mp3 Songbird.mp3 Light my Fire rem.mp3 By your Side.mp3 Say it isnt so.mp3 You do something2 rem.mp3 Fields of Gold .mp3 Fintro mixed rem.mp3 Ye Spotted Snakes.mp3 Rock God 3 rem.mp3 If we Shadows.mp3

Love Came Down at Christmas

Spancil Hill

Puppy Walking

Son of a Gun

We're Not Right (Remix)

What Makes Music ?

Dig Me out of this Hole

The First Bullet

Don't Turn Out the Light Yet

The Mirror

Only You

The Rock God Speaks

An Arrangement With

MLCDatXmas MRockGod MSpancilHill

The Nine Standards

MNineStandards MAnArrWith