Brian O’Lea and Ted Orton

Not Wanted

The Oak and the Ash

The Prickle Eye Bush

A Dozen Yellow Roses

An Eirann ni Neosainn

The City of Chicago

Dark Island

Listen to the Song

The Letter

Sam Hall

Albert and the Lion

Nobody’s Child

The Nightingale

The Keeper


Where have all the Flowers Gone?

The Old Triangle

Oak Ash Home Boys Mixdown.mp3 B2009 Prickle Eye.mp3 B2009 A Dozen Yellow R.mp3 B2009 An Eirinn Ni Neosainn Ce Hi.mp3 B2009 In the City of Chicago.mp3 B2009 Dark Island.mp3 B2009 Listen to the Song.mp3 B2009 The Letter.mp3 B2009 Sam Hall.mp3 B2009 Albert.mp3 B2009 Nobody's Child.mp3 B2009 The Nightingale.mp3 B2009 The Keeper.mp3 B2009 Greensleeves.mp3 B2009 Where Have All.mp3 B2009 The Old Triangle.mp3

Not Wanted

Not Wanted Brian

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Ted Orton’s Tall Tales

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